Christophe Galfard

Dr. Christophe Galfard is a scientific author and science advocate.

After graduating from Ecole Centrale, Paris, Christophe pursued his education at Cambridge University, England, to study Advanced Mathematics and Theoretical Physics and obtain a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics under the supervision of celebrated Professor Stephen Hawking, with whom he worked on black holes and the origins of our universe.

As an author, Christophe has written four scientific novels for young adults,  two essays for the general public, including the #1 international best-seller The Universe in Your Hand, and one coffee-table book, Voyage to Infinity, which remained #1 in its category in France for more than 6 weeks over Christmas 2023.

Translated in 25 languages, Christophe’s books have sold millions of copies worldwide.

Christophe is a regular guest of media, where he is often asked to comment and explain scientific advances in layman’s terms. He has also hosted several documentaries, for the BBC, France 5 and Chinese television broadcaster CCTV9.

In the last few years, Christophe has toured the world to give talks about the cosmos and the quantum world in front of more than a million people.