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As of January 2024, this coffee-table book is only available in French, but it will soon be translated in other languages.
It is a journey through the universe as we know and see it today, in 2024, thanks to the most powerful telescopes ever invented. The images within are absolutely stunning, and I’ve added some explanations so that everyone can understand why we build telescopes, and use them to stare at far away stars using lights that our eyes, sometimes, don’t even detect.

It has been the #1 best-selling coffee table book in France throughout December 2023, and it continues to be.


Originally published in 2015 by Macmillan in the UK, this book is my #1 bestseller. It takes readers on a journey through Nature as we understand it today, explaining complex concepts such as quantum physics, gravitation, the Big Bang, parallel universes or black holes, as well as the mysterious forces that seem to rule everything, in a way that is accessible to a general audience.

In it, I actually take the readers onto a journey through modern knowledge, shrinking them to a minute size to discover the quantum world, or pushing them inside a black hole to see what’s inside. Throughout, I employ vivid imagery and analogies to help readers grasp the enormity and beauty of the cosmos, and the magic of our reality.

The aim of that book was to inspire curiosity about the universe and the wonders of theoretical physics. It has sold about a million copies worldwide and it has been translated in 25 languages.


E=MC2 is, by far, the most famous equation in the world.

This short book commissioned by Quercus in the UK tells the tale of its power, as it can account for an extraordinary variety of phenomenon, from the reason why stars shine to the birth of space-time.


This sci-fi trilogy for young adults tells the adventures of three friends in a futuristic world in which humanity lives above the clouds.

To save the world from a cruel tyrant who tries to turn the climate of our world into a weapon of war, the three friends, Tristam, Tom and Myrtille, will have to understand how Nature works, why the sky is blue, why stars shine.
Thanks to that knowledge, they will acquire strange powers… but unfortunately for them all, Tristam is the worst student to have ever lived above the clouds.
According to his teachers, that is.

Published in France in 2009, these were the first books I’ve ever written on my own, and I’m very happy to say that it immediately reached the best-seller list. It is still being taught in some schools in France today, but remains to be translated into English!


This was my first book ever, which I co-wrote with Stephen Hawking (my Ph.D. supervisor) and his daughter Lucy. In it, I believe I invented a new way to talk about science to children, a way which I then improved upon in ‘Le Prince des Nuages’ trilogy.

It was translated into more than 30 languages and there is a series, but I only wrote the first volume. My name isn’t on the cover, but it should be 🙂